Captivating Communication At Every Stage Of Your Career

Tailored Coaching Programs to Reach Your Goals

Presentation Mastery

Master the nuances of communication, body language, and vocal delivery to become an effective and inspiring leader or spokesperson.

Executive Presence

Develop the ability to have high-value conversations, think quickly on your feet, handle challenging questions, and deliver impactful messages

Simplify The Complex

Translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand content for business audiences utilising a simple framework for subject-matter experts.

Storytelling & Brand

Craft and deliver compelling, on-message stories, including data, for increased audience engagement, brand clarity and career visibility.



You're talented, experienced and don't always have the time to focus on your development needs.

Whether your goal is to command the room or a career transition, the way you communicate matters.

Reach your goals with a program that supports you every step of the way.

Presence Public Speaking Program

You may have the most brilliant insights and solutions, but these can only benefit your organisation and yourself when they are shared with clarity and confidence.

In the Presence Public Speaking Program we build your speaking confidence and techniques through:

  • Roleplaying scenarios and techniques

  • Planning and debriefing your speaking opportunities

  • Rehearsals in conditions as close to the “real thing” as possible

  • Tailored, practical feedback.. and more!

Improve: Speaking confidence, messaging, presence, audience/team engagement, leadership.

Perfect For: Productive meetings, effective in-house training, engaging event presentations, including panels and guest speaking, and leading career conversations.

Delivery: 1-to-1 virtual coaching over 4, 8 or 12 fortnightly sessions.

Tailored Coaching Program

Let's talk about it and tailor a solution just for you.

A common phrase in my adopted home country is "c'est compliqué"! Perhaps it is a little complicated to find a program that fits exactly what you need; a mix of public speaking, but maybe also a career move, or new responsibilities that need a new approach... or something else entirely!

  • We meet to discuss your needs and the bigger picture

  • I create a proposal based on what we've spoken about

  • You choose the timeframe (4, 8, or 12 sessions)

  • We get to work!

Improve: Speaking confidence, messaging, presence, career clarity, audience/team engagement, leadership.

Perfect For: When you have communication and career goals that need a tailored approach.

Delivery: 1-to-1 virtual coaching over 4, 8 or 12 fortnightly sessions.

Take The Lead

Build career-defining assertiveness for emerging leaders in high-stakes workplace conversations with leadership mindset, practical frameworks and speaking techniques.

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Perfect for your next "Lunch and Learn" or team training to inspire team engagement and action!

Sessions are 60-mins: 45 mins training + 15 mins Q&A.

Ready For Any Stage: Impromptu Speaking To Power through “On The Spot”


Great communication is an essential life skill and you won’t always have time to prepare in advance - you’ve got to be ready to connect your brain and mouth at a moment’s notice. Public speaking nerves can "ups the stakes" when it comes to being put on the spot.

So how do you get ready for the unexpected?

To be ready to speak in the moment, it’s extremely useful to learn how to structure your thoughts quickly when you don’t have the opportunity to prepare your content. In this interactive and practical training participants will:


  1. Understand the 4 different impromptu speaking frameworks and the scenarios to use them to greatest effect.

  2. Learn how to confidently and thoughtfully respond to questions from the audience or moderators, using one of the the simple frameworks. 

  3. Gain confidence to make meaningful contributions in meetings.

  4. Learn a personal and professional way to say a few words about your colleagues in social or less formal situations.

Keywords: Impromptu, speaking, Q&A, panels, interviews, pitches, speaking nerves, speaking anxiety, brain freeze.

Presentation First Aid: 7 Steps To Instantly Improve Your Presentations At Work


Never have another presentation fall flat! We’ve all sat through boring, inefficient and uninspiring presentations, and it’s usually the same 7 critical failings. In this interactive and engaging session, we focus on the most essential elements for business presentations, meetings and in-house training and how to revive even the most lacklustre or unfocused sessions with simple, actionable steps that work even if you’re new to presenting. Specifically, participants will:


  1. Complete an interactive quick quiz will determine the strengths and development areas of each learner (“Does your presentation need First-Aid?”).

  2. Learn 7 ways to instantly improve any presentation, even if you have limited experience with presentations or don’t enjoy public speaking.

  3. Leave with a framework to capture your audience’s attention with your opening and a conclusion that will leave a lasting impression.

Keywords: presentations, public speaking, powerpoint, meetings, customers, training

Career Boosting Communication Skills


There’s no limit to how much you can improve as a communicator, or how far that can take you in your career. Whether interviewing for a new role, aiming for a promotion or increased responsibilities in a current role, this interactive and actionable session will help learners position themselves for their next opportunity as well as make sure their current efforts are seen and heard. This session, participants will:


  1. Learn the most important communication skills to have your efforts recognised and advance your career and how to improve active listening, the quality of questions and speaking up. 

  2. Identify the specific conversations where these skills can have the greatest impact to increase visibility and prepare for high-stakes conversations.

  3. Create a career-boosting action plan that builds on strengths and aligns with organisational needs. 

Keywords: career development, communication, public speaking, interviews, promotions, visibility, personal brand.


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